Partners in your success

Comprehensive analysis.
Informed advice.
Creative problem-solving.

Our clients include large and small companies, governing bodies, government entities, employers, associations, developers and individuals. We work with clients to develop strategies to achieve success. If defending clients in court or arbitration is required, our litigation expertise ensures we can do so. Outside the courtroom, we counsel clients on their business and guide them through the legal landscape, including the legislative and rule-making processes.

Achieving success together

In the Courtroom

We are seasoned litigators. So, when circumstances require going to court, our clients can be assured that we will provide them with unparalleled and skilled representation.

In the Boardroom

We are trusted advisors. Not every client problem lands on the courthouse steps. We provide clients with the knowledge and counsel to make informed business decisions.

In Negotiation

We are creative problem-solvers. We know when a problem is better suited for alternative dispute resolution and are adept at resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation and arbitration.